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Walk Flights
A gyrocopter or gyroplane is an aircraft with rotary wings like a helicopter. Unlike a helicopter the rotor is not powered by an engine but is made to spin by aerodynamic forces, through a phenomenon called autorotation. A separate propeller is pushing the gyrocopter foreward with the airstream passing through the rotor causing it to spin and creating lift.

During flight a gyrocopter is always in autorotation. Even in the case of an engine failure the rotor keeps spinning while the gyrocopter decends gently to the ground. The gyrocopter is less effected by turbulence and can fly at low speed. A huge advantage over wing plains is its inability to stall even at low speed. Even though a gyrocopter can´t hover or spot takeoff/land like a helicopter it needs much shorter runways than any wing plain. A gyrocopter is well known for its simplicity and being one of the savest aircrafts.
C2A37 (600 x 273)
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