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Walk Flights
Walk Flights offers tailored sightseeing flights. Whether you want to have a bird´s  eye view of your property or want to see and take aerial photos of the countryside, castles or golf courses Walk Flights has everything at hand for you adventure flight.

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C2A33 (600 x 337)
1/2  hour*  € 139,00  incl. 1 x landing charges
1     hour*  € 249,00  incl. 1 x landing charges

* approximate flying time

The latest model of the C2A gyrocopter will be available for flying in early summer 2018
booking request by e-mail  fly@walkflights.de or +49 (0) 6021 23190
Please note that low level flights are not possible due to aviation regulations.
Pilot: Thomas Walk

Pilot Licences:

SPL-T (Gyrocopter)
SPL (UL-fixed-wing)

Aviation Radio Licence: BZF I (level 6)
Pilot Thomas Walk (600 x 450)